Why led?

When choosing LED fixtures, you will experience a whole range of benefits. LEDs are not only efficient and effective, but also environmentally friendly.

Learn about LED characteristics and see for yourself why it is worth investing in it:

  1. Energy savings - tests show, that comparing to their standard counterparts, using LEDs cuts up to 90% on the electric bill. It is the most energy efficient lighting system in the world.
  2. Life span - LEDs from the world’s leading manufacturers, that you find in our offer, will last up to 50,000 hours, which means - up to 50 times longer than standard bulbs. Additionally, they are much more resistant to frequent on-and-off switching and to mechanical damages (knocks, shocks, shakes etc.). It could be an important factor when buying lighting system for business or industrial work space, hard-to-reach places or for street lighting.
  3. Low maintenance costs – because LEDs are not to be replaced often and they are non-defective, the maintenance costs drop significantly. Therefore they are perfect not only for in-home installations, but in hard to reach places, like a factory ceilings or tall street lamps. They do not heat up, which reduces usage of other equipment such as air conditioners.
  4. Health - friendly - there is no solar radiation in LED fixtures and there is no throbbing light effect either. Thanks to those parameters, LEDs are friendly for eyes - extended exposure to LED does not strain the eyes.
    They are safe in general, as the risk of electric shock is eliminated.
  5. Ecology - LEDs are extremely friendly to the environment. When in use, they do not produce C02.
    You can see clearly, that choosing LED is a long-lasting and profitable investment.