LED Tube (4ft, 20Watt)



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A LED fluorescent lamp is a replacement for conventional fluorescent lamps used

massively in shops, banks, offices, schools, hospitals, clinics, warehouses, car

showrooms, salons, production halls etc.



Due to their extensive use all LED lamps are available in two versions with different color temperature:


• day light: 4.000K – 5.000K

• cool white: 6.000K – 6.500K

The main advantages of our LED lamps when compared with conventional fluorescent lamps include:


• energy efficiency (up to 70% in the entire system);

• much greater service life - up to 50.000 hours (approx. 10 years);

• no disposal costs;

• no flicker causing a faster eye fatigue which greatly affects the well-being;

• lack of infrared IR light allows the use of lamps to illuminate eg. paintings;

• no emission of UV ultraviolet light range;

• reduction of the effect of attracting insects. The advantage are significantly longer

cleaning intervals;

• immediate reaction to the power supply input – the maximum light output is obtained

within a second after switching on;

• almost zero heat emission (an ideal solution in cooling systems);

• savings in installation costs - such lamps do not require a transformer or an igniter, thus

lower labour and fixture costs;

• installation of SMD fluorescent lighting to already existent traditional fixtures 

(You only need to disconnect a transformer and an igniter).

Our LED tubes need no internal involvement while replacing old ones. Check it out:



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LED Tube (4ft, 20Watt)

LED Tube (4ft, 20Watt)

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